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Chef Travis Owen along with Chatelaine Kimber Utton, Chef d' Cuisine Brian Lee and Sous Chef Dillon Moore are bringing together vibrant seasonal cuisine and a rich dining experience. 

Travis Owen - Owner/Executive Chef


Travis, a Glenwood Springs native, has been in the industry from the age of thirteen when he was hired as "the cute redhead kid." While his hair has fled from the top to the bottom of his head, the passion has stayed the same (Yeah, it's the same redhead writing this). We'll drop the third person narrative and proceed.

Some of the best moments of my life have included great food. But it wasn't ever just great food. Those moments included the service, the ambience, the special things that the artists of hospitality provided throughout the meal.

With my food I strive to contribute the best part of the dining experience I can. With my heart and soul, I cook. I hope that this shines through for you. 

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